Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3DS


The Graphics for super pokemon mystery dungeon is pretty acceptable it looks quite nice on the 3ds screen it definitely has seen a big evolution in graphics compared to pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team or pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky. Now if we compare the graphics to gates to infinity to be completely honest gates to infinity looks a little but nicer 69/100



Just like every pokemon game with fantastic and beautiful music this game does not fail when it comes to music either. The music in this game is over the roof the main title theme for the game is lovely and it becomes very addictive you literally just want to listen to it forever. The Music in the tricky dungeons are also a complete beaut 100/100



No cinematics available for this game 



In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, experience an amazing world where Pokémon speak, go on incredible adventures, and battle countless Pokémon! You’ll even play as a Pokémon yourself and be joined by a trusty Pokémon partner on your journey. before you begin your adventure, you’ll first decide what Pokémon you’ll become. Answer a short series of questions to determine the kind of Pokémon you’ll be and what Pokémon partner will join you. There are 20 Pokémon that you and your partner can be! If you prefer, you can also just choose for yourself which Pokémon will become the hero and partner.Your home as a Pokémon is Serene Village, which is ordinarily a peaceful place. But you and your partner have a dream to see more of the world. Perhaps becoming members of the Pokémon Expedition Society will help you reach that goal. 86/100



The Controls in the game are pretty good but can be pretty complicating for new users other than that they did a good job with the controls it can be fun exploring dark and entangled dungeons with your trusty pokemon 84/100



The game has a lot of content because every single pokemon to exist excluding volcanion are available in the game to befriend or to battle. You can also evolve your pokemon which is pretty good and you can get pick between every single starters pokemon and riolu and pikachu or you can go through the pokequiz. Some dungeons are very difficult so be prepared for a challenge 89/100



Now its time for the gameplay like every mystery dungeon game or should i say every “dungeon” based game you have a party of pokemon on field usually 2 and you walk around in an rpg format battling other pokemon,finding new rich items to help you along the way  or you can befriend new pokemon. The battle system may sound tremendously boring but if you start to play the game it can be outstandingly fun. Now some criticism. The battle system does have some flaws though it can get extremely repetitive and it takes forever to beat regular low leveled enemies which can be very annoying aside from that the battle system is pretty pleasing 80/100


Verdict – 508/600 = 85% = B+ – Smashing



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