Yo-Kai Watch 3ds Review


Graphic are absolutely unbelievable for a portable 3ds game it just looks so stunning looking at the yo-kai’s in these fantastic graphics just makes me want to play the game even more. If only Pokemon had the graphics Yo-Kai watch has but when it comes to graphics Yo-Kai watch blows pokemon out of the water. Everything just looks very detailed in the world of yo-kai watch which i absolutely love. The Character textures and modules looks pretty brilliant too 86/100



The music in the mind boggling world of yo-kai watch  is extremely unique and has a very cartoony style. the soudtrack has a very mischievous and ominous feel the original soundtrack can describe the horrible yo-kai’s it can also tell us something crummy is going to happen overall the soundtrack is pretty general but at the same time pretty unique 74/100



Now i wouldn’t be fair to say yo-kai watch does not have any cinematics right?! Even though the game rarely has cinematics when ever it does have cinematics they end up doing a really good job nothing impressive though but still a good attempt 71/100



Yo-kai watch has a very confusing and awkward battle system that is completely inferior compared to pokemons all mighty battle system. The battle system consists of out of ordinary mini games that can sometimes be fun but can also be cringe worthy and just can be a whopping pain at times. Anyways after you finished with the lackluster mini  games your yo-kai’s get purified and are ready to battle they then perform special yo-kai attacks which can be remarkable. collecting yo-kai’s can be an incredible pain too if your expecting the capturing of these mischievous yo-kai’s to be easy then guess again. 48/100




Keita is a boy from Sakura New Town, in Japan. One day, while he was hunting some bugs in the forest, he found an abandoned Gashapon – a vending machine-dispensed capsule toy.

When he opens this peculiar capsule machine, Whisper appears. In that magical encounter, Whisper gives a present to Keita. It’s the Youkai Watch, a device that allows you to see and identify the different ghosts and creatures that haunt people and make them mischief. The adventure begins. Keita and Whisper will try to make friends with all kinds of Youkai so they can fight against the malicious ones that cause terrible problems to the inhabitants of the city. 77/100



Yo-kai watch has a minimum amount of content you have 2 goals complete the Wicked story or Catch all the Yo-kai after that there is nothing really to do just explore around new sakura town thats fun right?! Really though they need to add trading and competitive battle to yo-kai watch 70/100




 has flawless controls nothing really bad about the controls but the battle system kind of ruins everything for me still flawless controls 80/100

Yokai-Watch_2013_06-30-13_030 (1)

Verdict – 506/700 = 72% – Good








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