Fifa 16 PC/PS4 Review

The Popular football game returns with it newest and latest edition fifa 16. Fifa 16 is definitely better then its predecessor the game has a nice feel and its very fun when you are completely bored to death. That being said the graphics in this game are still not very good the players look like xbox 360 modules and the textures aren’t all that either compared to PES 16 the graphics doesn’t hold up as a “next generation” game. Fifa comes jam packed with a lot of teams and leagues the online mode is very fun and its fun to challenge your friends to see who is the very best. in Fifa you are able to use the teams you love and play as big worldwide soccer superstars. The best thing about every fifa game is ultimate team though ultimate team can be quite frustrating at times it can be very pleasant creating new teams by opening packs and spending precious fifa coins. The game has a wide range of modes including Career,Season,Skill games,Match Day Live,Pro club and ultimate team. Each mode is pretty good but career are for the gamers who want to have a narrative feel and focus on real world teams. Though each mode is modest the multiplayer stands out to me and i think the multiplayer really carries fifa in terms of gameplay.


Just Like call of duty the best thing about fifa is the multiplayer. While the game is good it also needs to be polished a little compared to PES16 Fifa 16 falls short this year. Some notable new things were introduced in this game like playing as girl footballers or soccer players whatever you want to call them i thought that was pretty cool but to be honest girls should have been in a fifa game a long time ago not just now. The FPS on the game is good enough nothing impressive but i will say that its pretty good. Also to be completely fair i still feel like i am playing fifa 15 or even fifa 14 i know they cannot really make the game different but they could at least try a little. Fifa 16 is a great game if you are looking to play online with mates and have fun everything else is good also but they could have tried a little bit more if i had to say who won the battle of the soccer games this year my vote would go to PES16. If you love soccer games then i recommend getting fifa 16 because you will not be disappointed but if you are a hardcore gamer looking for something intense to play i recommend skipping this game for now anyways.

Pros – A large variety of teams and league, Extremely fun online mode,

Cons – Weak textures and character modules,still feels like i am playing fifa 15 and fifa 14

Graphics – 71

Music – 42

Cinematics – 60

Story – n/a

Content – 63

Controls – 75

Gameplay – 70

Rating – 381/700 – 54%


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