Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 Review

Minecraft story mode takes the phenomenal World of minecraft adds up telltale’s remarkable choice genre and forms it into one big adventure episodic game that has lots of dramas and will give you lots of surprises. The game is pretty much like every telltale game pick the choices and get on with the story your choices and be good or your choices can be bad but most choices will have an eventful outcome in the future episodes. your choices can be good or they can be bad and haunt you down in later episodes this is  only episode 1 so we can’t really link choices to future episodes just yet. The game starts off with 3 characters Jessie,Olivia,Alex and also we can’t forget Ruben can we?! The characters are mediocre at best excluding Petra. Petra is a beast even though she is pretty cliche… The Game is pretty cliche you have the cool group the bad girl and lots of other things that makes the whole game cliche,unoriginal and grating. The graphics are Spectacular though the fighting and controls in the game is a petty disaster compared to the walking dead it just seems like a big mess that can never be solved.


The whole Story starts with Jesse and his 2 companions trying to become noticed for once yes another cliche there all nobodies. They decide to enter the competition to create something for the endercon but yes of course they were winning and a member from the “cool” group destroyed their creation with fire yes another cliche. Like i said the game is filled with a bunch of cliche’s put to together to carry out the game. Of course your pet ruben escapes and you have to look for him and when you do your attacked by mobs and that’s when the games awful fighting starts like i said the fighting and controls is big mess. Then you meet Petra and you follow her to do some kind of sketchy trade with someone like i said Petra is the “bad girl” in this episodic disaster. The deal does not go as plan the weird man cheats her out. You then figure out more about this weird man and then Lucas joins the group of unrealistic losers (just kidding xD..) Lucas is a bad character just like Jesse,Olivia and Alex just so you guys are aware. The weird man then  tries to beat the great warrior whatever he is called the great warrior of course fails to defeat the wither and everything goes wrong. the wither becomes stronger and stronger and destroys everything and of course its up to you to save the whole world yeeeeah like we haven’t heard that already.

Pros – Superb Graphics,Ecxellent Choice system

Cons – Mediocre Characters,Cliche,Messy Controls

Graphics – 90

Music – 75

Cinematics – 84

Story – 45

Content – 81

Controls – 57

Gameplay – 80

Rating –  512/700 – 73% 


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