Spelunker World Review PS4

Spelunker World is a merry charming Japanese Platformer for the PS4 made by square enix

Spelunker World is a pretty convivial game your this chibi miner going underground to explore pretty fun huh? i got this game on the USA  psn store because i have already played spelunker Z this game really is the exact same but a translated version. The micro transactions in this game is pretty damn annoying literally every time you die you have to pay gems to revive yourself in fact you have to pay A Lot of gems to revive yourself. the underground dungeons are also very cliche and very boring and are not impressive at all the controls in this game are very messy and unresponsive and dying in this game is very annoying like seriously when  i jump and land i die. The game is very easy and is not challenging at all but i must say the game is pretty good for getting trophies. the graphics in the game look like trash in my opinion anyways and there is nothing really anything fancy about this game. yeah it is pretty exciting but it gets stale and boring very fast. The game looks like a psp game upscaled for the ps4. I like indie games but this is is nothing amazing and there are way better platformers out there..

Pros – Charming and Merry,English Translation

Cons – Messy Controls,Unresponsive Controls,Terrible Graphics,Micro transactions,boring and stale,cliche dungeons

Story – N/A

Graphics -0

Music – 40

Cinematics – N/A

Content – N/A

Gameplay – 7

Controls – 1

Rating – 48/400 – 12%


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