Extreme FPS Drop on Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Recently got released this week the game is beautifully amazing and runs at a glorious 1080P Animations and Character models have Room for improvement  though. But Like Skyrim the game has a lot of crummy bugs which can be extremely unpleasant when playing the game. The Game’s FPS can drop extremely low at times and it does not have a Stable 30FPS which I was very disgruntled about. The game can drop all the way to 18 FPS on both the PS4 and Xbox one although sometimes it can stay at 30fps it doesn’t always. During some parts the game can drop to 22-26 FPS but worst of all the game can drop to flabbergasting result of 0 FPS on the Xbox one. Considering the character models and animations aren’t great the game should be able to have a stable performance of 30FPS. besides Metal Gear Solid V is an Open World Game and it runs at 60FPS. A review for fallout 4 will be in December after i have played the game enough


FPS comparison Xbox One and PS4 by DigitalFoundry


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