Pokemon Rumble World Review

MxpOsWQPokémon Rumble World 
Developer: Ambrella, Nintendo SPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: April 8, 2015

Pokemon Rumble World is a Fun Action Free to play game for the 3DS. Pokemon Rumble world could have been a great or even a  fantastic game but the micro – transactions ruined it all for me anyways. The game requires you to pay pokecoins to buy hot air balloons to travel to different islands to beat up pokemon and if your lucky you could get the pokemon too. The game is definitely fun but it is also extremely repetitive and can get boring and stale extremely fast. the game does not have a “REAL” Story and really all you really do is buy hot air balloons,travel to different islands,press different repetitive buttons and start over again. But like every 3ds game it has pretty mediocre graphics but it does look pretty impressive on the 3ds screen especially the XL


Compared to other pokemon rumble titles the game is pretty lackluster and it is disappointing considering i love the pokemon rumble series. The Micro transactions are annoying but the game can definitely be played without them and can still be pretty fun without Micro Transactions. It can also be exciting to get those rare legendary pokemon too. The soundtrack in the game is decent at best not as good as other pokemon games though. The game is definitely better than pokemon rumble U but it falls short to Pokemon Rumble Blast and in my opinion the game could have been a lot better.

Graphics – 69

Music – 76

Cinematics – N/A

Story – N/A

Content – 70

Controls – 70

Gameplay – 39

Pros – Fun and can make you play for a long time

Cons – Extremely Repetitive,Micro – Transactions

Rating – 324/500 – 65%


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