Infamous Second Son PS4 Review


Infamous Second son looks amazing and plays amazing and it is one of the best ps4 game graphically so far and it is an exclusive for the PS4. Infamous Second Son starts with a young man Delsin Rowe who is part of the native american tribe who lives in Seattle. When a Group of Conduits Escape Delsin meets one of conduits and discovers he is also a special conduit with extraordinary Powers. Delsin Rowe is also a delinquent and he is often doing graffiti on walls. The Impressive thing about this game is you have two options be a goody – too – shoes or be human devil your decision


Delsin is a very likable character and has a great personality there are also several other characters like fetch, Eugene  and Reggie Delsin’s brother. The main antagonist of the whole thing is Augustine. Conduits are humans who have special powers e.g smoke power and neon power. The Game like i said looks stunning and beautiful and it is an amazing fantastic open world game, The Plot in the game is good  but sometimes it can become pretty bland. The game does have disgusting framerate issues to an extent the FPS Drops extremely low like when your health is low or when your in a hectic battle the FPS can drop incredibly low which is completely unacceptable for a console game. The game can get very repetitive at times but the amazing cinematics makes up for it. The Gameplay stays true to the first 2 Infamous games which is great.


The game has many Special powers such as





Each of the special powers have there pros and cons but to be honest neon is the best because it is extremely fast and has stunning long distance attacks which can be great it you are running away from the D.U.P. The game has a lot of fun side quests like busting drug dealers etc and the side quests can be a great way to get trophies. The Graffiti spray painting was fun for the first couple of times but after that it became a very useless and repetitive mini game. The Cast in the game was pretty decent at best but some of the other characters had terrible character development yes i am looking at you Eugene and Fetch in my opinion Delsin was the only character to get “REAL” Development and i could say reggie got some development too but not as much development as Delsin. Infamous Second is a Graphically Amazing game but definitely not as good as past infamous games.


Graphics – 100

Music – 75

Cinematics – 100

Story – 69

Content – 85

Controls – 85

Gameplay – 64

Pros – Graphically Outstanding,Stunning Open World

Cons – Framerate issues,Can get very repetitive

Rating -578/700 – 83%


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