Gunman Clive Review 3DS


Gunman Clive is a Beautiful Action Platform Game for the Nintendo 3DS. The Game is Quite Stunning with a unique and creative art style it reminds me of a very old retro type game it also would have been pretty nice if the game was in 8 bit. Gunman Clive while the game only lasts about 1hr-1hr 30 min it has a lot of replay value and the game pours in a lot of creative styles. The game in my opinion does not have a “REAL” Story in my opinion you just play the game without caring about the story. You can play as the male cowboy or the female character. Oddly Enough when you finish the game you can play as a duck.


The game is pretty amazing when your bored and have nothing to do while the game is very easy the game can be frustrating at times and you can challenge yourself and put the game on hard mode. The game has a beautiful experience that cannot be missed and the game is only £1.99 too an amazing price for what you get. The game has a pretty good soundtrack and overall it is an outstanding indie game definitely one of the better indie games. If you enjoy the game i definitely recommend picking up gunman clive 2. The Graphics is not great too just like every 3ds game but it does stand its ground against other 3ds titles

Graphics – 63 (not great but stands its ground against other 3ds titles)

Music – 70 (soundtrack is pretty good)

Cinematics – N/A

Story – N/A

Content – 17 (not a lot of content but good replay value)

Controls – 94 (Perfect Controls)

Gameplay 94  (Good Gameplay)

Pros – Beautiful Art Style,Good Replay Value,Good Soundtrack

Cons – Very little Content

Rating – 368/500 – 74% 


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