Life is Strange Episode 2 Review PS4

Life is Strange Episode 2 is a Continuation of the Amazing Life is Strange Series

Episode 2 Follows the Continuation of Max and her partner in Crime Chloe and i Must Say Episode 2 is a very interesting episode and probably the most important decision happens in this Episode. In this Episode we get to see more of Max and Chloe. In this Episode you Truly get to witness the choices you make something good can happen with a particular choice you make or something truly tragic can happen the story is in your hand. In The Episode we also get to learn more about max and her friends and also a brand new character Called Frank is introduced into the Bizarre World Of Life is Strange.

maxresdefault (1)

Apparently Chloe owes Frank Some Money and you have to make a decision during this scene you can either shoot frank or don’t shoot Frank. I Decided to Shoot Frank because he was really vexatious. The Soundtrack in this Episode is still Complete “GOLD” and The Art is Still Very Glamorous.



Now as you all know in episode 1 kate was a very depressed Girl and thought she had nobody and to be honest this part in the episode is really astonishing and if you had any good left in you,you would have saved Kate..Just Kidding. It all starts when your in Mr Jeffersons Class and People start to call out about something happening in the girls dorm class is dismissed and everyone runs out. I was pretty shocked because Kate was there standing on top of the roof trying to commit suicide and it was very perplexing now this is when the episode gets goooooooood you have to try and convince Kate not to commit suicide and it depends on the choices you picked during episode 1 see choices do matter in this game it’s all about the choices. If you saved Kate good for you here is a Gold Star If you don’t save Kate then your a Heartless Monster o>o

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Now During the Last Part Of the Episode you had the Choice to Blame Mr Jefferson or Nathan i personally blamed nathan and depending on your choices from episode 1 Nathan would be suspended or you will be suspended it all depends on your choices. The Episode was Beautiful but there was points in the episode where you had to rewind to complete a certain task and it felt really pointless like the part where you had to search for bottles felt really pointless to me and i do not know how bottles have anything to do with Life is Strange

Graphics – 86

Music – 92

Cinematics – 90

Story – 95

Content – 30

Controls – 90

Gameplay – 95

Pros – Choices Linking up from episode 1, Beautiful Soundtrack,Tragic Choices

Cons – Certain Tasks Felt Really Pointless

Rating – 578/700 – 83%


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