PS4 Has a Killer Lineup for 2016

PS4 Has A Pretty Killer lineup for 2016 after all the games at the recent Paris Game Show PS4 Has a Lot of Exclusives along with Multiplats Next Year. 2016 Is Going to be a great year for playstation 4 games the exclusives and console exclusives  we have for the ps4 so far is 22523728355_717f5a6604_k



Kingdom Hearts 2.8

Ratchet and Clank

Street Fighter 5

Horizon Zero Dawn

Uncharted 4

The Last Guardian

Gravity Rush Remastered

Gravity Rush 2


No Man Sky

and more

so yeah great year for ps4 also xbox has lots of pretty cool exclusives next year too like recore and quantum break anyways stay tuned for gaming by following my website 🙂 2958d265103e7b59df938bb9d328ee1a


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