Minecraft PS4 Edition Review


Minecraft is an addictive,fun and creative sandbox game that lets you use your imagination to the fullest. Minecraft allows you to use your enchanting imagination to create and craft anything you possibly want to it has 2 simple modes creative and survival mode. Creative mode is for people who love to freely explore the world of minecraft and use their imagination to craft up new buildings and maybe to invite friends to explore your world freely. While on survival mode you are basically a survivor trapped in a zombie apocalypse getting shot by a skeleton and blown up by a creeper…just kidding ^o^ Survival mode  in my opinion is for the big boy minecraft players who want to have a real challenge take on the ender dragon explore biomes and basically exploring.


The most Saddest,Annoying and Frustrating thing in Minecraft is dying and loosing your hard earn items like seriously at least die with your items in your hand also it can be very frustrating when you surprisingly get blown up by a creeper you had no idea it was even next to you. Minecraft is also a trophy grabber with this game you can get a whole bunch of trophies easily you can even platinum it in 1 whole damn hour.


The Game is also very behind the PC version which is a shame also the PC version has mods if you have a good PC I recommend the PC version over the Console Version. Minecraft has a very unique art style and it looks really pretty too when you play it on a big screen at 1080P if you do not like the art style you can always get a texture pack or a mashup pack. Also the Soundtrack in this game is “GOLD”

Story – N/A

Graphics – 67

Music – 96

Content – 66

Controls – 85

Gameplay – 76

Cinematics – N/A

Pros – Addictive,Fun Imagination,Pretty Graphics and Smooth Gameplay,Beautiful Music

Cons – Does not have as Much Content as the PC Version

Rating – 78%


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