Guilty Gear XRD Sign PS4 Review


Guilty Gear XRD Sign is a 3d-2d fighting game for the ps3 and ps4 made by arc system works the creators of persona 4 arena and blazblue.

Guilty Gear Xrd Sign is an extremely fun fighting game for the ps4 and in my opinion the best fighting game for the ps4 so far the game is also pretty tough to master I myself find it difficult to perform outstanding combos and characters like ramlethal are really good characters but are very difficult to use in my opinion if you are quite new to the game chipp and kiske are the best beginner characters. The Game has a lot of modes the VS mode is really fun if you just wanna play with computer and test your skills or if you just wanna hang out with friends chill and battle each other to see who is better. 2651990-1942695984-4580.

unlike blazblue it is really easy to perform instant kills in this game like incredibly easy also it is pretty easy to perform those stunning powerful overdrive which can be used as an advantage in battles or can be used to take the lead if you are loosing badly. The Online mode in the game is pretty fun too but almost all the people on online mode are first class battlers and are extremely tough to defeat. The game also has 3 extra characters 2 of them are dlc and i must say the dlc for the 2 characters are very expensive and also 1 of the characters can be gotten through the in game gallery or as dlc. The Story Mode in the game isn’t very good to be honest it would have been phenomenal if the game had a story like blazblue, the story in blazblue is gold by the way. giphy

The game has an arcade mode as well but that is to be expected since it is a fighting game and the arcade mode kind of makes up for the story mode because the arcade mode is really good, challenging and fun. Overall Guilty Gear XRD Sign is a remarkable fighting game for the ps4 and it is the best fighting game for the ps4 so far (yes it is better than Mortal Kombat) and it can be hard to perform first class combos but hey Practice makes perfect!!

Graphics – 80

Music – 60

Cinematics – N/A

Story – N/A

Content – 76

Controls – 91

Gameplay – 96

Pros- Fun Arcade Mode,Fun Online Mode,Beautiful revolutionary 3d-2d  graphics

Cons – Lacks a good Story Mode

Rating – 403/500 – 81%


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