Persona 4 Arena PS3 Review

Persona 4 Arena is an exellent 2d fighting game by arc system works and by atlus and it is also made by the creator of blazblue and guilty gear.


Persona is a Popular JRPG And turning this into a fighting game was a wise decision the fighting system in this game is outstanding and it is very easy to play for people new to the fighting game scene. The game only has 13 characters which is pretty bad but it is fun to master all the characters in the game

the game is fantastic and has a great story mode and a great arcade mode just like persona q it bring all your favorite characters from persona 3 and persona 4 and mashes them into one big game

the game is a fantastic brawler and is by far one of the best 2D Fighting games to date. the game will appeal to fighting game fans and persona fans and it is definitely a worthy persona spinoff

the online mode is fantastic and it is extremely fun too. P4-Arena-screen-1

the thing i did hate about the game is it is region locked which astounds me in this day and age. Unfortunate for me i swapped in my ps3 to get a ps4 so i cannot play this game anymore but when i did have it, it was definitely the best ps3 fighting game i had

Graphics – 81

Music – 97

Cinematics – N/A

Story – 88

Content – 76

Controls – 90

Gameplay – 95

Pros – Extremely Fun , Classy Online Mode, Great  Story , Great Arcade

Cons – only 13 characters,region locked

Rating – 527/600 – 88%


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