Super Smash Bros 4 3DS Review


Super Smash Bros 4 is a solid action fighting game for the Wii u and Nintendo 3ds.

The Game is A Jam Packed Fighting game and I must say the game is pretty impressive  I did play super smash bros brawl and it was quite good too but i have to say this new edition of super smash bros is better than brawl. The Character Roster is amazing with over 50 characters 4 which are DLC. The DLC in this game is rather spectacular i usually do not buy DLC in games but in this game DLC is a Must.


The Online Mode is Extremely Fun and it is very enjoyable to play with friends online but sometimes I can get laggy but that is very rarely. The Free Battle mode is very classy and it can be fun to battle  against the CPU if your bored. The Thing i hate about this game is the wretched clones they are extremely annoying yes i am looking at you dark pit and doctor mario -.-


The Stages in The game are Epic and i love every single design another thing i do not like is the way they got rid of the story mode in my own opinion the story mode in super smash bros brawl was unforgettable so I was very sad when they removed it from the latest super smash bros game. Some Characters kept the same final smash move which kinda sucks i would have been world-class is every character got a new final smash but oh well

Overall the game is a Groundbreaking portable game and it is a solid fighting game. definitely the best fighting game on the nintendo 3ds!! tumblr_nb2i7wSCko1s4kvlvo4_500

PROS – Epic Character Roster, First Rate Fighting Game,Extremely Fun,Good Online mode,Fine DLC

CONS – Clones,Lack of Story Mode

Story – N/A

Graphics – 70

Music – 84

Cinematics – N/A

Content – 85

Controls – 100

Gameplay – 100

RATING – 439/500 – 88%


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