The Sims 4 Get To Work Review PC

The Sims 4 Get to work is an expansion pack for the sims 4 tumblr_nkauf9QUIW1sdo4uwo5_r2_1280

This Expansion pack adds some stuff to the sims 4 it is kind of like an open for business expansion pack but for the sims 4 the expansion pack adds a lot of neat stuff like your own bakery, your own clothes shop, and it also adds a lot of new clothes, and items but for some weird reason it does not add any new traits. the new jobs are kinda cool especially the detective job the doctor job sucks though. the game is a nice addition to the sims 4 but i was not overly hyped for this new expansion pack to be honest i am still waiting like a really cool expansion pack like island paradise or seasons!! also the expansion pack is too expensive for the content this game has too offer tumblr_nkauf9QUIW1sdo4uwo3_r1_1280

Graphics – 86

Music – 78

Cinematics – N/A

Story – N/A

Content – 26

Controls – 80

Gameplay – 80

Pros – new clothes and objects, owning a business is fun, new jobs are cool

cons – owning a business can get boring fast, still does not improve the sims 4,no new traits,Doctor Job Sucks

RATING – 350/500 – 70%


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