Life is Strange Episode 1 PS4 Review

Life is Strange Episode 1 PS4 Review tumblr_nl4ds2Rqx01tebye6o1_500

Life is Strange is a very narrative make your own decision game for the ps4,xbox one, xbox 360, ps3 and pc and it is developed by square enix

Episode 1 Chrysalis – The Characters in the game are quite good the main character is max caulfield and you can say the second main character is chloe. The Story At the moment is pretty cliche but i have a feeling that it will change tumblr_nktdk5ePyP1ro6yndo1_400

The thing i love about the game is that your decisions matter if you make a bad decision it could effect the whole game. The Character Max Caulfield is a really good character in my opinion and is very interesting. chloe is not my favorite but she can be fun at times. 

The Gameplay might not be for everyone and can be boring to some people but i will say give the game is a go the game is great and you should try it because the atmosphere in the game is lovely  and the graphics look pretty too.

The First Episode was quite good in my opinion we get to learn about max and her secret power that allows her to control time. Nothing too exciting happened in this episode but that is to be expected from the 1st episode. Life is Strange is a interesting game and i would say give the game a go! tumblr_npgedy9ADj1re3ayzo1_r1_500

Pros – Great Main Character,Good Side Characters,Lovely Atmosphere,Graphics Look Pretty, Decent Episode

Cons – Story Is Pretty Cliche at the moment, Can be a bit frustrating when you do something wrong and you have to rewind time

Graphics – 86

Music – 94

Cinematics – 87

Story – 91

Content – 30

Controls – 90

Gameplay – 95

Rating – 573/700 – 82% 


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