Ultra Street Fighter IV PC/PS4 Review


Street Fighter Is A Popular Fighting Game made by capcom anyways lets get into the review!!
The Characters in the game are quite good and the combos are amazing but can be quite hard to perform if you are new to street fighter my favorite characters are ken and Decapre.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 introduced 5 new characters like poison and decapre but characters like poison and elena are nothing new since these characters were just a copy and paste from street fighter x tekken except for decapre

the fighting mechanics in this game is amazing and the new edition of street fighter iv also added 6 new stages which is a bit decent. the arcade mode in the game is great but some characters stories are quite boring in my opinion

the online is decent at best if it wasn’t so laggy the online mode would be great

Graphics – 90

Music – 77

Cinematics – N/A

Story – 79

Content – 79

Controls – 90

Gameplay – 96

PROS – Great Mechanics,Decent Arcade Mode,Fun Multiplayer Mode,Good Characters

CONS – Laggy online mode,Some stories in arcade mode are broing,copy and pasted new characters from street fighter x tekken

RATING – 523/600 – 85%


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