One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 PC Review



One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is a hack and slash dynasty warriors game and it is one of the very many dynasty warriors clone games some other dynasty warrior clone games are hyrule warriors and samurai warriors.

The Game’s story mode is really good and is also really fun and addictive  but that is  where the fun ends. the other modes are quite boring and are not interesting and can also get very repititive and stale. i suppose the free mode is alright if you want to test out some of the other characters. 200 (1)

another annoying thing in the game is when 1 crew member dies you get a game over and i find that extremely annoying. the graphics in the game is decent enough. But like i said the story mode in the game is great and covers a lot of the story from one piece. the game also has 37 playable characters which is good 200

if you love dynasty warriors games and if you love one piece i recommend this game to you.

Graphics – 64

Music – 88

Cinematics – N/A

Story – 96

Content – 100

Controls – 85

Gameplay – 70

Pros – Great Story Mode,Can Be Very Addictive,Great Characters,Good Combact System

Cons – Other Modes Are Boring and Stale ,Can Be Repetitive,Hate the way when 1 crew member dies you get game over!

RATING – 503/600 – 83%


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