Pokemon X 3DS Review

POKEMON X Is a Game for the Nintendo 3ds and came out in 2013

Pokemon x is a fun RPG for the 3ds and it is part of the very popular Pokemon franchise. The game has a bland story and it is nothing too amazing compared to the other Pokemon games but character customization in this game is amazing and I love the way you can customize your character in the game but the bad thing about character customization is the girl trainer has more and better clothes then the boy trainer tumblr_mmsj2xFg1w1qzp9weo1_400

Pokemon x added some new features such as the roller skates but took away some old features like the Pokemon world tournament. The battle Maison in this game is terrible and the battle chatelaine’s are boring the bad thing in this game is that there is also no move tutor!!


Pokemon X is extremely easy compared to the other Pokemon games and the elite four was a joke same with the champion Diana is probably the worst champion to date. the starters in this game are decent and the new and improved EXP share is terrible and makes the game way too easy. the evil team in the game team flare are the worst team to date but I will admit lysadre is quite cool!!!

the post game in this game is terrible and when you finish the game there is literally nothing to do. Pokemon X made competitive battling much more fun and made breeding Pokemon a breeze

the competitive scene is a big part of Pokemon x and the wifi battles in the game are very fun also the new Pokedex is very refreshing. the characters in the game are very bland except for AZ and Lysandre. They did add a lot of new features and competitive battling can be extremely fun if you love Pokemon’s you should get this but if your not that big of a Pokemon fan you should wait for the improved third version game to come out

pros – easy to breed Pokemon,great new features,competitive battling is fun,great game for players new to Pokemon, great Pokedex, decent starters,character customization

cons – bland characters,terrible gym leaders and elite four,disgraceful champion, way too easy, boring story,terrible post game

RATING – 62%


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