Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 3DS Review


Pokemon alpha Sapphire is a remake for the nintendo 3ds and it is part of the pokemon franchise and i must say this game was beautifully remade . the game is a remake of my favorite region hoenn. the game gets rid of an extremely good feature character customization and also strangely does not have the battle frontier in the game. tumblr_nbcxklmN3X1td1o02o2_1280

The game does bring back some old features like pokemon contents and secret base it also introduced some new characters like zinnia. Zinnia is by far an amazing character. The game takes competitive battling to the next level by adding new mega evolutions and by adding the pokemon move tutor it also adds some fun new features. the elite four in the game is 100 times better then the elite four in pokemon x because the elite four actually have mega evolutions i also found steven in the game to be a little bit hard but overall the game was too easy like pokemon x and y. tumblr_nes0vtFecd1ruyj56o3_500

the remade towns and cities look stunning and the new soundtrack is magnificent the post game in the game is decent still not amazing but decent it also allows you to catch every non event legendary pokemon. The game brings back the battle maison which is think is stupid but anyways. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is a great game and i think every pokemon fan should get this game

Graphics – 74

Music – 100

Cinematics – 80

Story – 100

Content – 85

Controls – 100

Gameplay – 100

Pros – New Mega Evolutions, Good Characters, Excellent story, improved post game, return of old features, remade towns and cities look stunning, brings competitive battling to a new level, remade soundtrack is great

cons – game is too easy, post game is still not as good as other pokemon games, battle frontier is missing, no trainer customization

RATING – 639/700 – 91%



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