Persona Q 3DS Review

Persona Q Is a Game for the 3ds that came out in 2014 so yeah Lets Get Into It

Persona Q Is a JRPG For the 3ds and the game is quite good and has a fantastic mixture of characters the game has characters from persona 4 and characters from persona 3 and is also a spinoff

The story mode in this is game is Absolutely Fantastic and can be really enjoyable. this is by far one of the good jrpgs. Persona q is dungeon crawler made for the 3ds and is a game by atlus and is also very similar to etrian odyssey tumblr_n0yjssd4T01r7nz24o1_500

the games graphics looks decent. sometimes persona q can be very annoying and it can be annoying getting put into random battles when the enemy meter goes red. Persona q Requires a lot of skill and the battle system in the game is great. it can be hard to get to know all the characters since there is a lot but you will eventually get to know them all tumblr_my4h04hH8x1r7nz24o2_r1_500

Persona Q is definitely  a high quality game in all areas in the battle system, the characters and the soundtrack. The Soundtrack in this game is over the top the persona 3 and 4 battle theme’s are one of the best battle themes i have ever heard and the opening theme is amazing too.Also the bear puns can be a bit annoying x.x

Persona q just takes all your favorite characters and throws them into a labyrinth at first i thought the game was going to be a disaster and a pure fanservice game but i was wrong the game is amazing. the game has sooo much content and can take weeks even months to complete and find all the treasure if you love jrpgs this game is a MUST!!

Graphics – 86

Music – 98

Cinematics – N/A

Story – 62

Content – 99

Controls – 77

Gameplay – 71

Pros – Fantastic characters,Amazing soundtrack,Amazing Opening,Fantastic Story,Good Battle System,Very Challenging,Has So Much content,decent graphics

Cons – Annoying Bear Puns, Annoying Battle Meter, Can Be hard for people who are new to jrpgs, can be hard to get to know all the characters

RATING – 82%


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